Sex Education on Youtube

As covered in another article in this here Sexpress, many people in Ireland, and indeed, across the world, are blessed with receiving terrible (read: awful, misinformative, abstinence-based and just plain incorrect) sex education during their school days, and in many cases, from their family and peers. Many turn to porn to teach the tips (eyyy) and tricks of sex and relationships. However, increasingly these days, it is Youtube videos that often do the trick.

Laura breaks down four “Sextubers” and the topics they cover, for your information – and, much like contraception, there’s a fit for everyone. Watch them at your own leisure.

Hannah Witton (hannahwitton)

Though admittedly much more than merely a Sextuber, British woman Hannah Witton has released many sex positive videos, covering a wide range of topics such as sex toys (she got a tour of a FACTORY!), the experience of coming off hormonal contraception, LGBT stereotypes, and much more. Following the vein of many other Youtubers, Hannah also has a book coming out soon all about sex education, to be titled “Doing It”, and to many, is the British forerunner in Youtube Sex Ed.

Zachary Griner (griner65)

While unfortunately no longer an active YouTuber, American-born Zachary was included in this list, simply because back in the day he was an active SexTuber. In 2013, he planned and filmed a month-long video series entitled “Sex Ed May”, which is still live on his channel and is certainly well worth a watch for a nice dose of decent sex ed. In this series of 30 videos, a wide range of topics were covered, including simple things such as putting on a condom, but also more complex topics such as communication in the bedroom, casual sex as a concept and much more.

Dr. Lindsey Doe (sexplanations)

Dr Lindsay is a licensed sexologist, and has decided to share her knowledge with the internet, and to be frank, it’s pretty great. The channel “sexplanations” covers a huge variety of topics, including the concept of gender, what kinds of sex lives the Disney Princesses would have, the experience of being inside a BDSM dungeon, consent, how to develop intimacy, sex swings, and so many more. Lindsay has gained considerable international attention since her channel’s launch in 2013, and it’s only getting bigger and better. Definitely one for when you want to know about the real nitty-gritty stuff.

Sarah Rae Vargas (sarahraevargas)

            Although Sarah Rae Vargas’ channel is mainly about beauty and lifestyle, she also does sex videos! Though largely aimed at hetero couples, Sarah’s “Let’s Talk About Sex” series has gained her considerable attention in the community and is a great series in its own right, if only for her frank and sassy handling of many of the topics at hand. Covering Virginity Loss, facesitting, long distance loving and more, Sarah’s body-positive, honest, experienced based approach is refreshing and easy to watch; I’d definitely recommend this channel for specific tips and advice during a relationship rather than general sex education.