Living – Editorial By Jill Kingston

This editorial was almost ghost written; but a deal was struck between a ghost writer and my ghost, and they decided it was best that I wrote this myself.

I questioned whether or not I should put my name to this magazine. I spent lots of time facilitating my favourite hobby over it; thinking. Vast and varied methods of thought went into this, I sat quietly and mulled, I pottered about and pondered, and sometimes when I was walking home from the office where we discussed our plans, I would envisage.

Being able to dream is a great thing. I always wanted to have a platform to write, to edit and to facilitate others. I like helping people, which is why the underlying theme of this magazine is to be helpful to at least someone who picks it up.

In hindsight I don’t know why I wasn’t rushing at the opportunity to stead my claim all over this magazine. Maybe it was because I didn’t think I could ever achieve or pull of something at this level, or maybe it is because of that Catholic guilt to even be talking about something as salacious as sex, let alone produce an entire magazine on the topic; please also note that I’m not even Catholic.

As per most things in Ireland, we have a very backward and hushed tone towards sex. For many people it is just something they don’t talk about. Luckily, our generation is definitely more open, and my god, are my friends very open. There is a certain comfort within my friend group that we can tell each other anything, and it is precisely this comfort that I want to relay through this issue of the Sexpress.

To me, this magazine is 52 pages of comradery. I cannot thank everyone involved enough. I am lucky I have such good colleagues who also double a better friends, that they listen to my thoughts and they somehow make them happen.

This editorial slowly descended into an ode to my friends, whose advice and strength I always wished to put between pages for everyone to read, and look what I’ve gone and done.

Cherish your friends, hold them close, and live your life to your fullest. Take a chance, put your name to something you’re not sure about; live your life