How To Prepare For Anal

Anal sex isn’t for everyone, and a lot of people find that out when they go about it the wrong way. While it could work out for you if you give it a go in the heat of the moment, anal is really something you should prepare for. So here’s a step-by-step guide for before, during, and after anal sex so you and your sexual partner can enjoy it as much as possible.


Seems like an obvious step that you’ve more than likely gone through before reading this article, but the first thing you have to do when embarking on this anal odyssey is to talk about it. Consent is important, especially when it comes to doing things in the butt. Make sure it’s something you and your sexual partner are comfortable with, something you’re both into. It’s not going to be much fun if one or both of you is clearly uncomfortable with it.


Another step before even thinking about a butt hole; you need to know how far you can go. If you’re an anal virgin, and the sex involves a strap-on or dildo, don’t go for the biggest size possible. You need to start simple, start low and ease yourself into it (or ease it into yourself). An athlete doesn’t just do a marathon unprepared, so you won’t go straight for the magnum dongs.


I’ve been talking a lot about “you and your partner” and it’s probably jumping the gun a bit. Exploring your body, knowing what works for you, can be an intimate experience, or at the very least it can be a bit of fun. You can pick up a small dildo or butt-plug for a reasonable price, and you’ll get more value out of them beyond the ‘training’ stage anyway (more on that in a bit). You dildo-aficionados out there are probably having a giggle, saying things like “hah, I got this part in the bag” but don’t forget the cardinal rule when putting something in your arse: “if you’re going to do it, do it with flare.” Make sure your toys have a flared base, or else a slightly embarrassing trip to A&E may be on the cards.


You would be surprised how dirty your butt really is. Like, no matter how much you wipe, there’s always poop there; lurking, waiting, looking for an opportunity to put a dampener on your sexy times. While you could go down the enema pathway, there’s a simpler way to keep your butt clean and sexy while showering:

  1. A shower nozzle on its own won’t do the job, so grab your small dildo/buttplug of choice (a finger would also work here)
  2. Cover it in a light lather of a neutral soap (ie. one that doesn’t have too much/any chemicals)
  3. While the water of the shower cascades down your body, start to work the dildo/plug/finger in and out of your anus.
  4. Wash the soap off of whatever you’re using, and work it in and out again.
  5. Wash your butt with the nozzle of your shower (if it doesn’t detach, use a wet cloth)


Lubrication is essential to successful, fun anal sex. If you’re only used to oral or vaginal sex, you’ll be used to the natural lubrication present; your anus doesn’t provide the same natural lube, so you’ll need to provide it yourself. Some people get by lubing up with spit, but for the love of God, don’t spit on someone’s butthole; also, if you’re doing this via oral sex, be sure to get it right first time, because no one wants to go ass-to-mouth. I would heartily endorse using actual lube, like a specific sexual lubricant. Liberally apply it to the thing going in the anus, as well as the sphincter itself. Fun foreplay can be had by working a finger into the anus with lube; not only will it relax (and hopefully excite) the receiving party, but it will also help to lubricate the butthole.


Even though, regardless of gender, you can’t really impregnate someone through anal sex, there’s still the possibility of getting an STI, so it’s best to wear a condom if a penis is involved. Stay safe, friends.


It’s so important, even if you’re a sex god, to take it slow when it comes to anal sex. If you try to rush it in can be uncomfortable for most, and for some even lead to injury. And let me tell you, you don’t want to injure your butt and/or penis – it’s only good for an awkward visit to the family GP. For the person receiving, you’ll feel pressure down there: to deal with this you need to relax your sphincter. How do you do that? Well, and this may be a bit tmi…but when you poop, and you really need to push hard, it’s that; that’s the same muscle use that you need here. So do that, take it easy, and slowly let your anus be filled. Then slowly pull back, then insert, pull back again etc. Now you’re having anal sex.


So a few things are going to happen after sex, and there’s a few things you should do afterwards. For the person receiving, in the immediate aftermath you’ll probably feel the need to poop. You may also feel weirdly empty, don’t worry, that’s natural. I would recommend going to the bathroom afterwards, just to check that an injury hasn’t occurred. Congratulations, you just had anal sex.