A Sex-Ed(itorial) – Editorial by Rían Browne O’Neill

Written By Ríán Browne O’Neill.

Welcome to the second edition of the Sexpress Magazine!

Hours of hard work, dedication and, ‘research’ have gone into what I hope is an insightful, diverse array of stories, commentary, facts and all the bits and pieces in between that constitute sexual health and wellbeing and the culture surrounding it.

Taking on the role of Sexpress Editor this year with the University Express was a dream, having followed and read the section since beginning university at UCC, it has since become my pet project, to have it reach its full potential, functioning as not only a resource for those who need it, but also a place for opinions, social commentary, education and culture – everything sex and sexuality related that falls under those brackets, to raise the voices of minorities and issues often left to the wayside and most importantly, to do it in a fun, accessible way!

In the year gone by, this is more vital than ever, given the #MeToo movement, the Ulster Rugby trail, the recent rape allegations that have come to the door here at UCC. It’s been demonstrated that it’s essential we have an open conversation around sex, in particular consent and safety when it comes to our wellbeing. In creating this magazine, in reading the pieces from our fantastic contributors who made this possible, it’s clear this issue isn’t going away but, there is a hunger to make things better, from the pieces contained in this magazine, to consent classes on campus, to the student movement as a whole.

My hope for this magazine, is to expose people to ideas and stories that they’ve never encountered before, to hear from a diversity of voices and backgrounds, to spark curiosity and the confidence to satisfy it.

As a final note, I want to extend my sincerest thanks and gratitude to Cailean Coffey (University Express Editor), Ciara Dineen (Byline Editor) and all of the Express team who took the time to contribute, to give advice and support over the last couple of months. I would also like to extend thanks to Holly McGrath and Ems Phipps for their amazing design work that’s allowed for this vision truely come to life and Jill Kingston for getting the Sexpress ball rolling almost two years ago! In a personal capacity I also wish to thank my friends, partner (and dogs) for being a source of sanity and comfort while compiling Sexpress.

In reading this magazine, I hope you gain a deeper knowledge than you had before, find some solace in a story of another, maybe even inspiration to do a little research or exploration of your own – or just to take the plunge and buy that dildo you’ve been eyeing up.

Whatever the case may be, Enjoy!

*writing an editorial in an articulate manner without making puns is difficult in a magazine about sex, with a pun count of just three, I believe I’ve succeeded in keeping some sort of balance, have fun trying to spot them!